Different Needs-One-Solution CashBag

CashBag is India’s pioneer Digital platform and referral program startup.

CashBag is a brand of KKM Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. The mobile APP has a Simple and user-friendly interface, providing an easy online shopping experience. Additionally, CashBag also offers an incredible built-in lifetime opportunity to create a future in the E-Commerce industry.

CashBag is an online concept derived from the amalgamation of the affiliate world and referral marketing.

Our goal at Cashbag is to provide all users a stand-alone platform, which acts as a one-stop solution for all diversified online, & offline needs and all sort of digital transactions as well. We thrive to provide all Cashbag users with all the top-notch services and best experiences.

Currently, Cashbag is providing services like Recharge & Bill Payments, Payment Solutions, Market Place, and Affiliate Shopping & Services. In times to come, a plethora of services & facilities like prepaid card & QR code will be added.

E-Commerce is the “Next Big Thing” worldwide and in India, is not only one of the largest but also the fastest growing sector.

CashBag innovative affiliate program, coupled with the advantages of the proven system of referral promotion offers the best scalability and generating Affiliate/ referral incentives on every referral user transaction without any input.

Cashbag platform is opening new doors to all aspiring Wannapreneur and also helping in enhancement of micro-entrepreneurship. Self-employment will convert job seekers into job creators, which will catapult the India Economy.


Our vision is to be the forerunner in providing one-stop solutions for an array of digital needs and promote "Digital India".


Mission of CashBag is to be on every Smartphone in India.

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At CashBag it is our believe that to provide you quality product and service you need to understand